Spirit Singers Oracle


TURN ON – breath. think about what you would like to ask the Singers.  Do a little journaling.  Drop into your body.

TUNE IN – get into your Divine alignment – ground your question to Mama Gaia, consult your high self and Star Beings

ENLIGHTEN UP – open your energy, allow the Univers to conspire in favor and get ready to receive your answers

Now... Pull A Card

Clearing & Clarity

Go deeper in a reading session with Eileen to clear the curses, vows and agreements at the root.  Soul Contracts are the invisible blockers that no much how much you’ve done (and you’ve done so much already!) to manifest, create and transform your life…  it just hasn’t stuck.  The patterns, relationships, and what shows up is like a hamster wheel of what you DON”T want.   Eileen clears that so you can move forward on your free’d up soul path in your soul aligned purpose (your knowing)


The Spirit Singers

Strengthen your connection with your Spirit Singer Guide. Get to know your Spirit Team and get them working for you.

Clear the Spells that bound

Removing the soul blocks at the root eases your flow in navigating the accelerated ascension crazy ass reality so you can bridge the gaps.

Design Your Destiny

With *kickass support* through the unravelling after a clearing your open path is liberated to create your way aligned in your soul purpose.

Navigate The Accelerated Ascension Times With Soul Liberation

“I’m an intuitive strategist myself and a professional astrologer and I am picky who I let read for me (not many can).  Eileen is precise, clear, and so tuned into where I am I was blown away with her keen insight and abilities.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!” M.W.

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